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Server Sandbox

Classification Key : Exterior Security, Tampering


Any vulnerability that is in a server application is open for manipulation by some malicious user. So the server application should be protected from misuse. However, the diversity of attack types poses a difficulty because the server cannot anticipate it beforehand. How can the server applications be made safe?


Limit the privileges that web components possess at run time. Create a user account only used by server. Limit the privilege so that it has execution privilege only (no administrative privilege). Web applications require limited privilege once they are started. Assign a Unix server application to listen on a privileged port. Start the application on the server with additional privileges, but once the privileges are no longer needed perform a privilege drop.

Known Uses

Apache Web server starts at port 80 with root privileges, but then lowers its privilege and runs as ‘nobody’.

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Last modified: May 05, 2012

Conceived and Maintained by: Munawar Hafiz